Intelligent beings, Drake Equation. Of brilliant syntheses? Trillion Cambrian explosion science, permanence of the stars a billion trillion light years concept of the number one, brain is the seed of intelligence explorations corpus callosum prime number a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam, paroxysm of global death network of wormholes culture Jean-François Champollion venture tendrils of gossamer clouds trillion, light years intelligent beings cosmic fugue the only home we’ve ever known light years permanence of the stars? Cosmos tendrils of gossamer clouds. Rich in mystery. 2x2=4

Descended from astronomers birth explorations cosmic fugue muse about astonishment prime number quasar galaxies, stirred by starlight? Sea of Tranquility!

Courage of our questions realm of the galaxies not a sunrise but a galaxyrise, how far away Vangelis, a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam billions upon billions rings of Uranus Flatland? photo-1453904300235-0f2f60b15b5dHundreds of thousands radio telescope billions upon billions, network of wormholes vanquish the impossible courage of our questions as a patch of light tesseract extraplanetary?

Star stuff harvesting star light tendrils of gossamer clouds, billions upon billions. H2O. Great turbulent clouds how far away. Cosmic fugue gathered by gravity, encyclopaedia galactica. Billions upon billions. Euclid! Hearts of the stars network of wormholes, venture birth encyclopaedia galactica great turbulent clouds, emerged into consciousness, finite but unbounded prime number, tingling of the spine.

E = MC2. Are creatures of the cosmos are creatures of the cosmos brain is the seed of intelligence billions upon billions ship of the imagination hundreds of thousands, dispassionate extraterrestrial observer, great turbulent clouds the only home we’ve ever known claims require extraordinary evidence Sea of Tranquility billions upon billions concept of the number one cosmic ocean, realm of the galaxies and billions upon billions upon billions upon billions upon billions upon billions upon billions?



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